Setting up a business at home may not look like the natural choice, but business engagement like event planning from home is an intelligent choice adding a personal touch to it. This step keeps the early overheads down and maximizes productivity if there is no leniency towards the daily to-do list. 

I will also share some tips to get an enquiry call from your very first customer without spending on advertisements or promotions after justifying my stand- starting an event planning business at home.


At the beginning of your event planning business, you do not have to invest in event equipment, better printers, laser cutters, marketing materials, and theme-based reusable stocks. So there is no practical use of office or storage spaces.

Client Meetings

I have found out personally that out of 100 customers, 95 do not travel to your office or workspace. Practically, it makes sense to visit the venue for an overview and share your thoughts with your prospective client or customer. Your initial conversation boosts confidence within the customer, and client conversion is highest.

Work From Home (WFH) Perks

Event management is a business of ideas! I keep my phone handy, document each budding notion, even sit at the hot seat (toilet seat). At home, you can use your same favourite couch or bed as your workstation. You do not have to pay separately electric bills, wifi bills or maintenance costs.

Remote Team

Amid the devastation of COVID-19, it’s worth pausing to reflect on what this future portends. A world in which employees are more productive, business organizations are more resilient, and workplaces are more equitable. In the beginning, you can hire an event planner and marketing intern with little experience; this will reduce your effort and recurring expenses drastically.

Change in the customer overview

In recent times, urban customers perceive that home-based business has a personalization touch due to less commercialization, small team, and no quality or creative issues due to micro specialization. The home-based growing business works for the recognition, word of mouth references, and serving a limited radius.

As promised at the beginning of this blog, let me share some tips to get an enquiry call from your very first customer without spending on advertisements or promotions. Here it goes:

  • Create decor samples at home: You can take inspiration from Pinterest media to create at-home decoration samples for birthdays, anniversaries or baby showers. Try it and share your creation on Pinterest and other popular social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Shorts, WhatsApp status and your blog page. Regular engagement will inspire your prospective customers to experience your service.
  • Host Games In Your Community: Start hosting one-minute games, karaoke nights, talent hunts within your community—shout out your event at the community portal, WhatsApp group and close neighbours.
  • Network with home bakers personally or digitally: Baked products like cake, cupcakes, muffins and biscuits are essentials for any personal event. Start building the business network or join one to fast track your customer reach. References from established home bakers will help you to grab your first customer soon.

I will blog about grabbing your first customer in event planning comprehensively in a separate blog. Request you to follow our blog to get updates about new blogs on startups, business ideas, inspirations, and skills.

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