You must be skilled in the following before you wish to be an event stylist


Are you looking for a career in Event Styling, hiring one for an event but are completely confused about where to start, what exactly to look for, what qualities are required for the job? Don’t worry; we have you covered. This article answers all of your queries, from Event Styling to what qualities an event styler must possess. But first, let’s start with the basics! 

What is Event Styling? Who is an Event Styler?

Event styling is the art of decorating an event. An event stylist is a person in charge of the visual identity of an occasion. 

While event planners primarily focus on logisticsevent stylists take care of the aesthetics. An event stylist is mainly in charge of the overall visual theme, seating arrangements, plants and flowers, lighting, graphic designs, props, furniture, colours, special effects etc.  

Why is an Event Stylist required?

Event stylists are visual detail freaks that provide the picture-perfect decor for the event. Hiring an event stylist will have you covered if you want to take your business to the next level for a particular event by giving it a stylish touch and an outstanding setting. Event stylists help you provide the “feel” of an event.

What are the qualities essential to become a successful Event Stylist?

Following are the skills required by an Event Stylist, at least at a basic level, for a successful career.

  • Marketeer- For any business to run smoothly, especially for someone opting for event styling as a carrier where everything depends on the client base and market availability. A person has to be a proficient marketeer with the required market knowledge and a varied client base for the proper and timely supply of goods and services required for setting up an event successfully.
  • Graphic Designer- From invitations for weddings and birthdays to identity cards for conferences to pamphlets for exhibitions, an event stylist requires a certain level of graphic design proficiency to complete the task flawlessly.
  • Food/ catering Curator- Food is an essential part of all types of events. Therefore, an event stylist is required to shortlist food items and hire professionals or DIY them according to the taste preferences and requirements of the client and theme.
  • Florist- Event stylists must create pleasing, artistic compositions using floral or botanical elements for events like weddings, editorial shoots, commercial displays, etc. Not an in-depth but basic knowledge of different types of flowers and design principles like balance, rhythm, contrast, harmony, unity is anticipated.
  • Balloonist- Various events like birthdays, bridal showers, engagements, weddings, and corporate events require creating one of a kind, custom balloon decorations by the Event Stylist. Hence, elemental composition and balloon handling skills are must-have event stylist qualities.
  • Crafter- Events come with various tasks like assembling, decorating, designing, installing, etc., requiring an event stylist to have hands-on crafting ability to create one of a kind props in the stipulated period of time.
  • Personal Shopper- An event stylist for events like weddings, engagements, bridal showers, theme birthdays, etc., are required to shop for or advise the VIPs and sometimes for the entire family throwing the party, as garments are an integral part of the visual essence. Hence, he must have adequate knowledge of brands, fashion trends, market availabilities, etc., for a smooth event flow.
  • Visual Artist- There are numerous elements or tools for creating an event like flowers, balloons, installations, decorations, food, etc. But for an event to come together and marry aesthetically, an event stylist has to have visual artistic abilities enabling him to imagine, design, and create experiences efficiently using these tools.
  • Electrician- An electrician could be hired for intricate electric works. Still, a basic knowledge of various lighting fixtures, their uses, etc., help the event stylist style the event better.
  • Anchor/Party Host/DJ/ Social Soul- While hiring a host/ anchor/DJ for a large budget event is conducive, an event stylist with confident social interactive quality is preferable for anchoring budget-friendly, family-friendly events.
  • Painter- Various events require painting, colouring hands-on to add little details needed for the theme completion of the event. While professionals can be hired for the same, small events where budget is a key along with proper decorations, having painting abilities adds on as a plus point for an event stylist.
  • Fabricators/ Carpenters- Certain detailed theme events require one of a kind fabrications by cutting, blending, assembling materials like wood, plastic, steel, etc. While professional fabricators can be hired to do the job, an event stylist able to take command over them by designing the object according to the event’s theme is preferable.
  • Baker- While food items like cakes can be ordered from professionals, the baking ability of the event stylist helps in small scale events.
  • Sound Engineer- Music and sound play an important role in making or breaking events like theme-based weddings, galas, DJ parties, press conferences, concerts, etc. Though hiring a professional for intricate details is preferable, an event stylist must coordinate and produce the best sound effects required for the event.
  • Photographer- While one can hire a professional event photographer for various occasions like trade shows, press conferences and meetings, galas and fundraisers, award ceremonies, weddings, etc. Photography of small scale or budget-friendly events could be handled proficiently by an event stylist.

When should one hire an Event Stylist?

Conclusively, small events that require precise detailing, decor and visual theme but little planning are practically benefited in hiring an Event Stylist over an Event Planner. On the other hand, themeless large scale events requiring little to no decorations don’t practically benefit from hiring an Event Stylist than an Event Planner. For large themed events like weddings, theme birthday parties, both an event stylist and an event planner are required to work in coordination to bring out the unified theme and perfect feel in a given amount of time.

In many cases, both Event Planning and Event Styling are done by a single person or company. 

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