Balcony DIY Decoration Ideas For Apartments

Decorating outdoor living spaces is a dream engagement for creative people. Suppose you’re lucky enough to have a decent-sized balcony in the cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gurugram or Hyderabad. In that case, you must turn it into your favourite corner for your soul, family and friends. Urban lives love spending time on balconies, having a cup of tea in the morning, enjoy evening meals and late-night conversations. You can design your patios without spending too much money and make your own private cosy space. 

Here are some ways to transform your balcony into a cosy, stylish space. 

Plant Life  

Balconies look best with green companions in them. Intensify with lush plants to create a fresh look. Add some herbs so that your patio can smell good. You can place ice buckets and put flowers near the sittings. You can hang or place potted plants to finish the whole look and will add colour to it.

Install a swing 

A swing will look exceptional on your balcony if you are lucky to have a decent space. Cosy single person swings are in trend and ideal for a book reading with one hot chai and music. Add pillows and cushions to make it more comfortable, looks great, and keeps the design cohesive.

Small Table 

For cosy and small spaces, a small table would be enough for cups and small cutleries as it will take less space. You can decorate that table with LED candles, a small potted plant, a small cage, books, or a fishbowl to magnify the whole table setting. 

Light it Up

To enjoy your late-night time with your friends or family, you can add fairy lights or bulb lights to illuminate the balcony. You can also go for string lights or outdoor lanterns or wrap some string lights around the railing. Dim lights have a special magic to calm your soul and turn spaces into romantic spots.

Opt for folding furniture 

Furniture grabs more than 60% of your living spaces. Folding types of furniture are in trend and need of current living spaces. Try installing a foldable and portable table and chair on the balcony. They allow you to customise the same area with a teepee tent, cosy mattress with cushions, making it easy for regular cleaning and maintenance processes.

Use Indian Furniture

 If you like loud colours and bright balconies, you must choose Indian carved furniture that is sturdy, royal in look and ever trending. It would be best to use wooden carved wall frames with or without mirrors to turn up the Indian royal feeling. You can also choose budget-friendly options like painted benches, cane furniture or swing.

Wall Space Decoration

Walls and ceiling hangers are the focal point when someone enters the balcony. You can attach flower pots or plants, add a wood palette with mason jars and add plants inside it. Window boxes with blooms beautify an entire wall, hang frames with quotes, baskets full of flowers, ladder, or wall rugs. 

Flooring Decoration

Cotton rugs and artificial green grass mats are in trend. If you have green plants and creepers all over the railing, walls and hanging pots, then you can go with a colorful flooring rug. Rugs are handy and allow you to clean the floor regularly.

Artificial green grass carpets are ideal for a permanent setup with white pebbles over them. You can easily clean them with a wet cloth, a vacuum cleaner or simply with water.

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