Quick business opportunities as Solopreneurs during and post lockdown:

1. Virtual Assistant: As a virtual assistant, you have to handle various tasks for businesses like handling emails, email responses, incoming call handling, cold calling to prospective clients, handling social media accounts, daily accounting, monthly GST filing, vendor registration, and sales reporting. If you are a business or commerce graduate, this freelancing opportunity will open the door for outsourcing the virtual assistants to businesses of various sizes in a few months.

2. Bookkeeper and GST assistant: Another opportunity to work with business clients, you could offer bookkeeping services for businesses looking to outsource that function. Approach small businesses and solopreneurs to manage their accounts and monthly filing of GST over the web portal.

3. E-commerce seller: You can set-up an e-commerce store within a few minutes at web services like Zepo, Shopify, or you can sell over Amazon and Flipkart. 

4. Social media manager: You can offer services to the solopreneurs to schedule posts, manage bloggers, avail paid promotional services, and manage social media accounts.

5. Blogger: This is what I am doing now! Choose your favorite topic or blogging domain you wish to start your blog. Use online application Grammarly to make your writing better, quick, and easy.

6. Graphic designer: Graphic design requires a creative approach, imaginary thinking, and regular practice over designing software. Learn or polish your skills with online courses before offering the service.

7. Web designer: If you are a tech-savvy or passionate bout technology, then you can start building websites over WordPress platforms, resale hosting plans, and website maintenance service. 

8. Event photographer: Photography is another area that lends itself to solopreneurship. As a beginner, you can focus on small parties like birthday, baby shower, pre-school events, community events, and anniversary surprises.

9. Home Baker: Turn your passion into a business. If you are a passionate baker, then turn this into an opportunity to start your home baking business. Network with party planners, pastry shops, birthday planners, and sell your cakes, cupcakes, and confectionary over a fixed commission. 

10. Home Chef: Home tiffin services are in demand especially in metro cities. Prepare a weekly food menu and circular it in Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, and over apartment community notice boards. Take the help of vegetable vendors, and other community helpers to increase WOM (word of mouth).

11. Party planner: Join party planning workshops or follow YouTube videos sincerely to build your career in party planning, and party entertainment management.

12. Party entertainer: Freelancer and individual party entertainers are in demand. With basic workshops and regular practice, you can acquire skills like a magician, tattoo artist, balloon sculptor, party host, or cosplayer. 

13. Foot cart or stalls: Food cart and stall business need little investment but pay you back quickly. Start with SOS (Shop Outside Shop) option, and start selling quickies and most loved street food like momos, sandwiches, fresh juices, chai, chaats, and filter coffee. Also, look out for flea markets, festivals, and weekend parties to set up stalls like popcorn, cotton candy, potato twist, chocolate fountain, french fries, and chaats.

14. Travel consultant: Start selling the experiences of your city to foreigners and nationals online. Create various packages like the street tour, historical monument tour, city day-tour package, countryside tour, or adventure tour. Start with a city travel blog to attract tourists and share your virtual experiences.

15. Online tutor: Start with home tuition or as an online tutor to share your educational subject expertise. You can also join online tutorial platforms as a tutor to sell your service.

16. Child Care service: You can start with a child care service out of your home. If you are a mother, then use your skills and experience to help a working couple in the upbringing of a child.

17. Pet Grooming: Pet grooming is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India due to exponential demand for pets, and an increase in hectic and stressful lifestyles has led to a demand for professional services. You must acquire the necessary skills, either by completing a formal grooming program or through experience gained grooming own pets.

18. Auto Detailing: Start providing car wash service on a subscription basis, with auto detailing and interior decor services. Market your services online and then travel to your clients. Later, start with buying and selling second-hand cars on your online portal.

19. Translator: If you know more than one language, you can start a business as a freelance or contract translator.

20. Zumba instructor: Take the Zumba® Basic 1 Instructor Program Online and get everything you need to start teaching virtual and in-person Zumba classes and making money directly from your home.


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