You must be skilled in the following before you wish to be an event stylist


Are you looking for a career in Event Styling, hiring one for an event but are completely confused about where to start, what exactly to look for, what qualities are required for the job? Don’t worry; we have you covered. This article answers all of your queries, from Event Styling to what qualities an event styler must possess. But first, let’s start with the basics! 

What is Event Styling? Who is an Event Styler?

Event styling is the art of decorating an event. An event stylist is a person in charge of the visual identity of an occasion. 

While event planners primarily focus on logisticsevent stylists take care of the aesthetics. An event stylist is mainly in charge of the overall visual theme, seating arrangements, plants and flowers, lighting, graphic designs, props, furniture, colours, special effects etc.  

Why is an Event Stylist required?

Event stylists are visual detail freaks that provide the picture-perfect decor for the event. Hiring an event stylist will have you covered if you want to take your business to the next level for a particular event by giving it a stylish touch and an outstanding setting. Event stylists help you provide the “feel” of an event.

What are the qualities essential to become a successful Event Stylist?

Following are the skills required by an Event Stylist, at least at a basic level, for a successful career.

  • Marketeer- For any business to run smoothly, especially for someone opting for event styling as a carrier where everything depends on the client base and market availability. A person has to be a proficient marketeer with the required market knowledge and a varied client base for the proper and timely supply of goods and services required for setting up an event successfully.
  • Graphic Designer- From invitations for weddings and birthdays to identity cards for conferences to pamphlets for exhibitions, an event stylist requires a certain level of graphic design proficiency to complete the task flawlessly.
  • Food/ catering Curator- Food is an essential part of all types of events. Therefore, an event stylist is required to shortlist food items and hire professionals or DIY them according to the taste preferences and requirements of the client and theme.
  • Florist- Event stylists must create pleasing, artistic compositions using floral or botanical elements for events like weddings, editorial shoots, commercial displays, etc. Not an in-depth but basic knowledge of different types of flowers and design principles like balance, rhythm, contrast, harmony, unity is anticipated.
  • Balloonist- Various events like birthdays, bridal showers, engagements, weddings, and corporate events require creating one of a kind, custom balloon decorations by the Event Stylist. Hence, elemental composition and balloon handling skills are must-have event stylist qualities.
  • Crafter- Events come with various tasks like assembling, decorating, designing, installing, etc., requiring an event stylist to have hands-on crafting ability to create one of a kind props in the stipulated period of time.
  • Personal Shopper- An event stylist for events like weddings, engagements, bridal showers, theme birthdays, etc., are required to shop for or advise the VIPs and sometimes for the entire family throwing the party, as garments are an integral part of the visual essence. Hence, he must have adequate knowledge of brands, fashion trends, market availabilities, etc., for a smooth event flow.
  • Visual Artist- There are numerous elements or tools for creating an event like flowers, balloons, installations, decorations, food, etc. But for an event to come together and marry aesthetically, an event stylist has to have visual artistic abilities enabling him to imagine, design, and create experiences efficiently using these tools.
  • Electrician- An electrician could be hired for intricate electric works. Still, a basic knowledge of various lighting fixtures, their uses, etc., help the event stylist style the event better.
  • Anchor/Party Host/DJ/ Social Soul- While hiring a host/ anchor/DJ for a large budget event is conducive, an event stylist with confident social interactive quality is preferable for anchoring budget-friendly, family-friendly events.
  • Painter- Various events require painting, colouring hands-on to add little details needed for the theme completion of the event. While professionals can be hired for the same, small events where budget is a key along with proper decorations, having painting abilities adds on as a plus point for an event stylist.
  • Fabricators/ Carpenters- Certain detailed theme events require one of a kind fabrications by cutting, blending, assembling materials like wood, plastic, steel, etc. While professional fabricators can be hired to do the job, an event stylist able to take command over them by designing the object according to the event’s theme is preferable.
  • Baker- While food items like cakes can be ordered from professionals, the baking ability of the event stylist helps in small scale events.
  • Sound Engineer- Music and sound play an important role in making or breaking events like theme-based weddings, galas, DJ parties, press conferences, concerts, etc. Though hiring a professional for intricate details is preferable, an event stylist must coordinate and produce the best sound effects required for the event.
  • Photographer- While one can hire a professional event photographer for various occasions like trade shows, press conferences and meetings, galas and fundraisers, award ceremonies, weddings, etc. Photography of small scale or budget-friendly events could be handled proficiently by an event stylist.

When should one hire an Event Stylist?

Conclusively, small events that require precise detailing, decor and visual theme but little planning are practically benefited in hiring an Event Stylist over an Event Planner. On the other hand, themeless large scale events requiring little to no decorations don’t practically benefit from hiring an Event Stylist than an Event Planner. For large themed events like weddings, theme birthday parties, both an event stylist and an event planner are required to work in coordination to bring out the unified theme and perfect feel in a given amount of time.

In many cases, both Event Planning and Event Styling are done by a single person or company. 

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Kids Birthday Theme Inspiration And Ideas From Animated Movies | Part 1

It is time to celebrate and surprise your child with the best birthday party they can ever imagine! We know it is perplexing to plan out the entire event, from deciding a perfect theme for the party to arranging everything according to it. Don’t worry; we’re here to lessen your burden by sharing with you Kids Birthday Theme Inspiration And Ideas From Animated Movies | Part 1


Let it Go! Let it Go! 

Can’t hold it back anymore,

Let it GO! Let it Go!

Turn away and slam the door!

I’m sure you must be humming this popular song if your family is a fan of the FROZEN movie or any of their famous characters like Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf (snowman), or Sven (reindeer). Either on your favourite gal’s 1st or 21st birthday, the frozen theme has been a hit among all ages.

Basic information:

  1. Production: Walt Disney Pictures
  2. Release Date: Nov 19, 2013
  3. Country: United States
  4. Language: English
  5. Colour theme: blue, white, and purple
  6. Dresscode: Princess line dress, DIY flowy dresses with capes, Kristoff costume
  7. Characters for cosplay: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff
  8. Ideal for: Girls 

Basic DIY decoration:

  1. Blow balloons of blue, white, and purple colour to make balloon garland backdrop and side pillars. Use theme foil balloons, readily available in the market.
  2. Use silver foil curtains for the back wall, and place theme-based happy birthday bunting over it. Make paper snowflakes and hang them around the room with the help of foil strings or ribbons. 
  3. Make your own Olaf (snowman) using cotton, carrot, readymade eye beads, sticker mouth, and black hair cutouts.
  4. To provide an edge to your DIY inspiration, use paper pom-pom, paper fans, and hanging circular danglers. You can also make tissue paper tassels and hang them in the front of a cake table. You can also create theme-based photo props, photobooth cutouts, and cutout stands next to the cake table.

Fun Activities:

  1. Sing along with the songs from Frozen.
  2. Create your very own frozen sister bracelets for your best friend. Use icy beads, letter beads, transparent and stretchy cord.
  3. Organize colour and display for little kids. Print Frozen theme colouring pages from the internet and provide pastel colours to kids. Award them with return gifts for their effort.

Pre and post-event checklist:

  1. Create digital invitations using an online photo or video editor.
  2. Use newspapers and create return gift bags.
  3. Purchase frozen theme dresses online or match the theme colour.
  4. Shop online for theme-based return gifts or DIY activity kits.


Just about every guy dreams of becoming a Superhero on the mission of saving the world. 

“With great power, there must also come great responsibility” – The one and only Spider-Man, Makdi Maanav!

Basic Information: 

  1. Production: Sony Pictures, Marvel.
  2. Release Date: 24 May 2002
  3. Country: United States
  4. Language: English
  5. Colour theme: Red and blue (spider web pattern)
  6. Characters for cosplay: Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn, Doctor Octopus, Venom, Green Goblin, Sandman.
  7. Ideal for: Boys of 8-18 year old 

Basic DIY Decorations:

  1. Print out Spiderman’s face and make a mask out of it by punching two holes on either end and tying a string. 
  2. Prepare a spider web on the wall using black or white tapes and stick letters of Happy Birthday or Birthday Boys photo/Name trapped in it.
  3. Make DIY merch like face masks, handbags, bottles, hand bands, etc., or purchase them from the market as return gifts or prizes.
  4. Create a photo booth with cityscape cutouts and a spiderman figure for guests to click memorable pictures.

Fun Activities:

  1. Test your jumping skills by playing a long jump, high jump, frog jump game.
  2. Create various hurdles from foam and place them, create escape routes and fun physical activity games, or create or purchase a soft parkour setup for exciting, fun activities.
  3. Play a ring toss game by placing various spider man DIY or purchased merch.

The Boss Baby

Let’s just say I am the BOSS- The Baby Boss!

Here’s a chic, stylish, adorable way to celebrate your baby’s upcoming birthday.

Basic Information: 

  1. Production: DreamWorks Animation
  2. Release Date: 31 March 2017
  3. Country: United States
  4. Language: English
  5. Colour theme: blue, black, white
  6. Dress code: Business line attire
  7. Characters for cosplay: Babies, Baby boss, Tim, Pets, Parents
  8. Ideal for: kids of age 1-5 years

Basic DIY Decorations:

  1. Print a huge baby boss standee and place it near the venue’s entrance or near the main wall, besides the cake.
  2. Blow balloons of various shades of blue, black and white to create balloon garland and stick them on the main wall with a black background and happy birthday bunting in the middle.
  3. Create cutouts of bows, ties, babyface, milk bottle, suitcase silhouettes and paste them on dishes, cups, walls.
  4. Order a chic black suit cake with the baby boss figurine or bake your cake and decorate it with purchased or homemade baby boss merch like figurines, bow, tie, suit, suitcase, milk bottle, etc.

Fun Activities:

  1. Blowing and catching bubbles.
  2. Set stations with various diversions like a mirror, bouncing pillows, building blocks, playsets, plastic objects, cardboard boxes and let the babies interact with them.
  3. Create a tunnel- thru using cardboard boxes and connecting them.
  4. Play dance with music, play the band using kid-friendly objects like pan, spoon, plastic bottles.
  5. Arrange various activity-generating components like pastel colours, papers, balls, balloons, soft toys, and let the kids enjoy.

The Emoji

Welcome to the world inside your phone where everyone is expected to act one way their whole life! ‘Play it cool’ for your teenagers upcoming birthday bash.

Basic Information: 

  1. Production: Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation
  2. Release Date: 28 July 2017
  3. Country: United States
  4. Language: English
  5. Colour theme: Yellow, Black
  6. Dress code: Yellow T-shirts/ outfits with emoji prints, black outfits with emojis
  7. Characters for cosplay: Various emojis
  8. Ideal for: Teenagers (13-18 years) 

Basic DIY Decorations:

  1. Pick some yellow balloons, draw the faces on them with markers, blow them with helium and tie them with black coloured strings.
  2. Order or make poop emoji cupcakes, emoji pizza made by arranging the topping in emoji shape, emoji cake- yellow frosting cake with emoji face detail.
  3. Purchase emoji merch like bunting, theme balloons, and sticks or prepare them by taking printouts of emojis in various sizes from the internet or simply drawing them. You can pretty much include this on anything like hanging lanterns, backdrops, cards, etc.
  4. Give DIY or purchased emoji hairbands, bracelets, watches, pens as return gifts.

Fun Activities:

  1. Play Guess the emoji game, where a person picks from a bowl of emojis to enact the expressions for guessing the associated emoji.
  2. For a perfect teenage fun session, play the poop by passing a poop shaped emoji pillow, card, and music. Whoever has the poop when the music stops has to introduce themselves or spice it up with truth and dare options.
  3. Play emoji twister game by creating a DIY twister kit of various emoji printouts stuck on cloth. The players must follow the referee’s directions without falling or touching the mat with a knee or elbow.

The Jungle Book

Basic Information: 

  1. Production: Walt Disney Pictures, Fairview Entertainment
  2. Release Date: 8 April 2016
  3. Country: United States
  4. Language: English
  5. Colour theme: Green, brown
  6. Dress code: Animal costumes
  7. Characters for cosplay: Mowgli (the forest kid), Baloo (the bear), Shere Khan (the tiger), Bagheera (the black panther), Kaa (the python)
  8. Ideal for: girls and boys of age 8-15

Basic DIY Decorations:

  1. Decorate the venue with long leaves, make artificial ones from shades of green chart papers or buy real ones, tree trunks, pond using water tub and teleport everyone at the party inside the JUNGLE!
  2. Create large numbers of artificial leaves and flowers from card paper and stick them by filling up the entire main wall and attaching the happy birthday bunting on top of it. 
  3. Get character standees and props from the market or DIY them using various printouts from the internet.
  4. Hang buff or brown coloured thick strings, ropes on the sides of the main wall.

Fun Activities:

  1. Arrange games like climb the ropes, monkey bar climbers, slides to complement the “In the Jungle” theme.
  2. Get creative with “Making Kaa”, a DIY Kaa (the python) making activity. Organize coloured chart papers, scissors, decorative materials like beads, pom balls, etc. and make coiling, uncoiling Kaa.
  3. Set up a safari at your venue, home or backyard by creating a lawn surface and putting various animal toys at different places for children to find them. Perk it up with real or homemade binoculars made from rolled-up paper, a hat or a vest- a perfect way to learn more about the animal kingdom playfully.

Disney Princess 

The most relatable theme for a girl of any age-PRINCESS!!! Every girl dreams of being a princess someday or the other. Turn your girl’s dream into reality for her upcoming birthday by making her Snow white (1937), Cinderella(1950), Aurora(1959), Belle(1991), Mulan(1998), Tiana(2009), Merida (2012), Moana(2016).

Basic Information:

  1. Production: Walt Disney Pictures
  2. Country: America
  3. Language: English
  4. Colour theme: pink, violet, golden and white
  5. Dresscode: Princess line dress, Prince line suits
  6. Characters for cosplay: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Mulan, Tiana, Merida, Moana.
  7. Ideal for: Girls of any age.

Basic DIY decoration:

  1. With a white curtain in the centre of the wall, decorate the wall and the venue with balloons of various pink, purple, and white shades.
  2. Create DIY princess props like mirrors, flowers, hairbands, bows, crowns and tiaras, royal cart, castle using cardboard, coloured chart papers, tissue paper, ribbons, a pair of scissors, and glue.
  3. Hang golden lamps, mirrors, ribbons, decorative balls. Use pink, white, purple coloured flowers to decorate the table with the cake.
  4. To spark it up, create photo booths, photo stations of various Disney scenarios available online. 

Fun Activities:

  1. Have a Disney Princess cosplay competition and gift the winner with DIY Princess props, princess dolls, etc.
  2. Put together a play of a scenario from your gal’s favourite Disney princess story.
  3. Play Who am I? game about Disney Princesses.
  4. Have a ball dance together.

Mickey’s adventures in Wonderland

A movie where Mickey and Donald duck prepare for Daisy Duck’s birthday party and something happens, leading them to enter into a strange fantasy world, The Wonderland – a perfect theme for a birthday indeed!

Basic Information:

  1. Production: The Walt Disney Company
  2. Release Date: 12 December 2009
  3. Country: United States
  4. Language: English
  5. Colour theme: Red, Yellow, Black (polka dots pattern)
  6. Dress code: Hair bow, polka dot dress and low heeled shoes for girls, red shorts, white gloves, and yellow shoes or mouse-ear headbands
  7. Characters for cosplay: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto (the dog), Toodles (the supercomputer), Ludwig Von Drake (the professor duck), Chip and Dale (the chipmunks), Goofy (the intoxicated dog), Pete (the cat), Clarabelle (the cow).
  8. Ideal for: Both girls and boys of age 1-9 years

Basic DIY Decorations:

  1. Create a Mickey Mouse by stacking balloons of Black, red and yellow colours. Stick two small balloons for ears and hands made of a roll of tissue paper to complete the figure. Similarly, create as many different characters out of the balloon as possible.
  2. Hang pom-pom balls with mickey mouse ears, make numerous mickey mouse shape cutouts to stick them on the wall, or create buntings. 
  3. Search images of various movie characters on the internet and print them out in different (large and small) sizes. Decorate the venue by sticking them onto the wall or creating standees by attaching cardboards behind the printouts.
  4. Create a WONDERLAND theme by creating various architectures in the movie using printouts from the Internet, basic craft DIY’s, etc.
  5. Order a mickey mouse birthday cake or make a DIY Cake with red icing and Mickey or Minnie mouse figurines.

Fun Activities:

  1. Present your best goofy laughter, Do the HOTDOG Dance, Play “rub your tummy” while patting your head game.
  2. Spin around in 5-10 circles and try writing a word. 
  3. Blindfold and pop colour-based balloons in limited time. 
  4. Prepare an assortment of colours and print out various Mickey’s adventures in Wonderland sketches from the internet. Host a competition for best-coloured drawing and gift DIY Mickey/ Minnie Mouse props like headbands, white gloves, Key chains, etc.

Tom & Jerry

The legendary rivals, the ambassadors of cat and mouse battles, the most notorious duo of the cartoon world- Tom and Jerry! 

Basic Information: 

  1. Production: Live Entertainment, Turner Entertainment, WMG Film Film, Roman Wang Film Productions, The Baer Animation Company Creative Capers Cartoons
  2. Release Date: 10 February 2021
  3. Country: United States
  4. Language: English
  5. Colour theme: Blue, red
  6. Dress code: t-shirts with tom and jerry prints
  7. Characters for cosplay: Tom (the cat), Jerry (the mouse), Toodles (the female cat), Spike (the bulldog)
  8. Ideal for: girls and boys of 1-10 years of age

Basic DIY Decorations:

  1. Blow red and blue balloons and set them up in the shape of a frame on the main wall. Attach the happy birthday bunting in the middle with small character cutouts around it. Choose bright colours such as yellow, red and blue to give an actual cartoon feel to the room. 
  2. Purchase or create DIY standees, props, cutouts from the internet and use them on plates, cups, walls or create a photo booth for everyone to get involved in the mayhem world of tom and jerry.
  3. What does jerry love? Cheeeeeeese! Order a cheesecake, have cheese-based food items like cheese pizza, cheese platter, etc., for the party. Use cookie cutters for cutting out cat and mouse shapes in biscuits, sandwiches, cheesy platters and cake.

Fun Activities:

  1. Play hide and seek, chase-chase just as the duo did.
  2. Create an assortment of tom & jerry sketches, pastel colours, sketch pens, pencils for children and adults to colour.
  3. Create a colossal cheese block with numerous holes for kids to play with it and enjoy.

The Little Mermaid

The salty sea air, the wind blowing in your face. Aaah, the perfect day to be at sea with Ariel- the little mermaid of Atlantica.

Basic Information: 

  1. Production: Walt Disney Pictures
  2. Release Date: 1989
  3. Country: United States
  4. Language: English
  5. Colour theme: shades of blue, pink, green (Under the sea theme)
  6. Dress code: Fishtail dress, Prince line suits
  7. Characters for cosplay: Ariel, Prince Eric, Ursula, 
  8. Ideal for: girls of age 1-18

Basic DIY Decorations:

  1.  Fill the venue with transparent, coloured and sea creature based balloons. Hang long readymade or DIY paper ribbons of various shapes. 
  2. Cover the floor with sand and place various sea creatures like sea urchins, shellfish with pearls inside (a white ball), sea cucumbers, fishes, and movie characters like Sebastian (the lobster), flounder (the fish) and immerse in the “under the sea” experience.
  3. Order or make crabby croissants, starfish sandwiches, sea critter cookies, sweet shark cake, jelly cups, seafood for the party.

Fun Activities:

  1. Set up a craft station full of coloured papers, scissors and glue. Let the kids make different sea creatures like sea horses, fishes, starfish, paper plate octopus craft.
  2. Gather some shells, playdough, a cutting board or other playdough friendly surface, card stock, marker, some fun containers and cards with letters. Let the toddlers try and make the same alphabet with the materials and become alphabet engineers.
  3. Set up a fun ocean sensory activity with edible ocean water made of gelatin and food colour and a container full of ocean creatures and glass pebbles. Let the kids build their own ocean.

Pre and post-event checklist:

  1. Create digital invitations using an online photo or video editor.
  2. Use bags with under the sea theme to give return gifts.
  3. Shop online for theme-based return gifts or DIY activity kits.

Little Krishna- The Darling of Vrindavan

“Dekho phir janmashtamai ayi, makhhan ki handi ne phir mithas badhai. Kanha ki leela he sabse pyari, wo de tumhe khushiyan sari”. A perfect Indian god based birthday party idea.

Basic Information: 

  1. Production: Big Animation
  2. Release Date: 2009
  3. Country: India
  4. Language: Hindi
  5. Colour theme: Shades of blue and green (peacock feather theme)
  6. Dress code: Dhoti, peacock feather, flute, armband (baju bandh)
  7. Characters for cosplay: Krishna, Balaram, Ganga, Radha
  8. Ideal for: babies and toddlers (girl/boys) 

Basic DIY Decorations:

  1. Hang curtains of blue and green side to side, creating a backdrop for the event. 
  2. Make various characters, peacock cutouts and props by printing them from the internet and sticking real peacock feathers on top of it. 
  3. Decorate a dahi handi with beads, pom-poms, crystals and hang it at a height for kids to break it.
  4. Blow helium balloons of green and blue shades and tie them with a string, scattering them all over the venue.

Fun Activities:

  1. Breaking the Dahi handi activity.
  2. Play hide and seek, catch-catch, son saakhli and have fun.
  3. Play “Who am I”, a guessing game depicting various character attributes from the movie.

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Hosting Virtual Party For Kids Birthday | Fun Games, Shows and DIY Activity

The ongoing pandemic and preventive lockdowns have changed our way to connect, celebrate, engage and record memories. ZOOM and GOOGLE MEET are no longer corporate communication tools. Previously physical presence was necessary to be part of the event videos, photos and, more importantly, be a part of party engagement and games.

Now not anymore! Digital party engagements are more fun, scalable, and pocket friendly with the wide acceptance of digital tools and the level of comfort using such tools at all age groups.

Magic Show

A virtual magic show is on the top-notch priority list of any event planner or host as it brings joy and wonder to your screen. Dazzle your friends and family with some feats of wonder over Zoom, Skype or Google meet. Do you know what’s best happening here? Now a Bengaluru or Mumbai based local magicial has an audience at Jamshedpur, Patna, Bhopal or Lucknow, where you have connections and families. 

Things to remember before hiring a local magician for a digital party:

  • A magician must be interactive, bilingual and comfortable doing digital shows.
  • Try to keep the show between 20-30 mins to avoid attention failure of the audience.

One Minute Games

If you are an extrovert and love engaging with people, you must try this under the DIY exercise. You don’t need to be pro to host virtual gossip sessions for one minute to win it. Start with the most common games under Indian scenarios like 

  1. Name, Place, Animal, Thing: To play, pick a letter. Each player has to list a famous person’s name, a place, an animal, and a thing that begins with that letter—the first person to type them into the Zoom chat wins.
  2. Virtual Trivia: To play trivia on Zoom, open this random trivia generator or fun trivia and start asking questions. Have each person send their answer in the Zoom chat at the same time

Or start with silly games like saree draping, marble and spoon, face the cookie, dictation etc.

Fun With Science 

There are plenty of engaging and fun science experiments you can do at home with the materials lying in the kitchen and around the house. You can identify the experiments well in advance, make a science DIY kit with all essentials and courier it to the participants as an advance return gift. If you do not wish to take such pain, you can order the ready-to-use science experiments kit or keep it so simple so that you don’t need one.

Sample science experiment at home:

What You Need:

  • Latex Balloon
  • Matchsticks
  • 200 ml water

What to do?

Step 1: Put water in a balloon using a tap and tie the knot.

Step 2: Inflate the other balloon without water.

Step 3: Hold a lit matchstick under the balloon that does not have water. IT WILL BURST.

Step 4: Now, hold a lit matchstick under the balloon with water. It won’t burst.

What just happened?

The water absorbs most of the heat in the case of the second balloon. The reason why the water inside the balloon becomes hot, but the balloon does not burst.

Fireless Cooking

Cooking without fire will be engaging, fun and accident-free. Make sure to list down the menu and ingredients to the parents of participating kids well in advance. Here’s are a few of my Indian origin personal choices for your next kids birthday party.

  1.  Mixed Sprout Chaat: This recipe needs sprouted grams (channa), cut tomatoes, cut onions, coriander leaves, half lemon, salt, chaat masala, coriander powder. This preparation is healthy, tangy, and quick.
  2. Sweetcorn Salad: This preparation is easy, fast, and customizable as per the kids. The main ingredient is the boiled sweet corn (the boiling process is for the parents), and you can add onion, tomatoes, cashews, chaat masala, coriander as per kids choice.
  3. Fruit Chaat: The secret of my fruit chaat are dry fruits, fresh cream, and chaat masala. You can add fruits of your choice like banana, watermelon, grapes, kiwi, pomegranate seeds, cashews, raisins and walnuts, along with my secret agents to make your yum bowl.
  4. Jhal Muri: This is my favourite of all. The undercover agents of this recipe are mustard oil, tamarind pulp paste, and chanachur (Bengal snack). Add sliced boil potatoes, grated carrot & coconut, finely chopped cucumber, tomatoes, onion, salt to taste, peanuts, along with my undercover agents mentioned above. I am not recommending red chilli powder or chilli being a children engagement. 
  5. Bombay Sandwich: The most common preparation of any kids cooking get-together is a Sandwich. But we will add a little twist to it with the Indian version of it- Bombay Sandwich. Bombay sandwich main ingredients are slices of boiled potatoes, coriander green chutney, and aloo bhujiya. Spread green chutney and butter over bread slices, add sliced potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, and capsicum, sprinkle chaat masala and salt, cover the filling with another piece, add grated cheese and aloo bhujiya over it. 

Talent Show 

Host, a talent show friends and family, can participate and have a good time. Everyone has their talent, and this is the time to showcase and enjoy themselves. Dancing, singing, mimicry, standup comedy, or storytelling can come up together, and it will be an exceptional success for your party.

If not a talent show, you can provide local talents to perform at your party. You can hire and promote local skills, amateur talents from online platforms or local references. Some suggestions for party entertainment and performances will be a puppet show, mimicry artist, sing along with guitarist, clown show, storyteller and more.

I wish my creative subscribers and well-wishers will try these virtual entertainments and engagement for kids birthday parties or virtual get-togethers. Do share your engagement ideas in the comment below.